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With over 400 full-service brokers across the province, we are industry leaders tackling the future from a position of strength  consumers know this as well.

As the largest mortgage originators in the province, we are the only company in Québec
to provide our brokers access to a team of marketing professions to help set you up for success. Trust us to make a difference.

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The impressive numbers

410 full-service brokers in Québec

15,000 mortgage transactions annually in Québec

$3 billion in sales generated annually in Québec

Performance-driven, precise and targeted

Advertising and Publicity

We believe that brand awareness is the key consideration in consumer behavior and central to decision-making when doing business with a company. Did you know that 65% of consumers recognize and love our advertising campaigns?

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Exclusive complimentary broker-centric services

Stay ahead of the competitive curve

To be a broker at Group Multi-Prêts means you’ll enjoy all the great benefits of our dedicated in-house support team, and a multitude of free services at your fingertips:

  • Mortgage and broker-centric news
  • Content generation
  • Loyalty programs
  • Database management
The available support and resources

Your opportunity to become a leading mortgage broker is now


Top trending mortgage originator for online searches

When it comes to the internet, Group Multi-Prêts consistently remains the top mortgage brokerage for folks conducting an online search in Canada. No surprise. With our comprehensive calculators and mortgage planning tools, monthly blogs and intuitive expert advice, we consistently offer an exceptional experience for homebuyers. 

So what are you waiting for? Become part of our top trending digital community today!

Conquer the online community!

Social Networking and its reach

We do the online management for you. That means regularly publishing relevant articles, testimonials, tips, tactics written by peers, colleagues and industry leaders.


Our brokers are very proud to play an integral part in our success story.

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