We can hand you the keys to owning a property

You choose what doors to open

Renting vs buying.

Are you hesitating on becoming a homeowner? Perhaps you need to take a closer look at the advantages. Yes, there are challenges that cannot be ignored too. Let's take a look.

Compared to renting, there are many advantages to buying, the most important being that you're investing in capital for about the same price as rent. 

Instead of paying monthly rent, which offers no return on investment, buying a home offers returns. Plus, once your mortgage is paid off, you will no longer have to pay for housing, with the exception of municipal and school taxes. You'll be able to enjoy your retirement.

The advantages of ownership

It belongs to you
A mortgage isn't forever
Home equity means long-term financial benefits
Leverage your first home
It's like having a forced savings plan

Tempted yet? 

Talk to a Multi-Prêts broker. We can help you find a property for the same price you pay in rent. Don't believe us? Let your numbers do the talking!

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The "cons" of ownership

It's not a question of money

Use your RRSP's to become a homeowner!

Have RRSP's and want to become an owner? Take advantage of the federal Home Buyer's Plan (HBP) allowing you to withdraw up to $25,000 to buy your first property, tax-free.

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