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Our Commercial Mortgage Services

A Multi-Prets Commercial broker will help you determine the right mortgage to support your investment. With one application, we will scout the Canadian mortgage market for you, and find the financial product that best suits your needs, be it through a bank, trust company, credit union, insurance company or private lender.

Made-to-Measure financing

Multi-Prets Commercial offers you the best terms and conditions thanks to:

  • A unique window to over 100 lenders.
  • MPC is an approved CMHC correspondent. Very few Brokerages have been awarded this status. Our professionalism and our reputation has allowed us to become an Approved CMHC correspondent. As a correspondent we are able to negotiate directly with CMHC in order to ensure that the CMHC approval is obtained prior to securing the financing with a back. This allows for the file to be processed in a more diligent and effective manner."

The financing

The acquisition

The sale

We offer a personalized service that supports you in every step of the commercial real estate investment.

We ensure continuous follow-up

We ensure full support of your dealings with the various professionals involved in the transaction, such as :

  • The appraisal
  • The building inspection
  • The environmental site assessment
  • The legal and closing process
  • Every step of the due diligence
We support our investors in every step of their transaction

At Multi-Prets Commercial, our team of commercial experts focuses their expertise to maximize your returns.

We offer a wide range of services

Short and long term financing

An effective way to finance business growth

Construction financing

From land acquisition to finish product

Property types

The secret is matching the right lender to YOUR property

We've got you covered.

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