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Tips and Tricks – For a safe holiday season

November 30 2016 by Multi-Prêts Hypothèques
What you'll learn
  • How to install my Christmas tree safely?
  • How do I string my outdoor lights safely?
  • Should I opt for a artificial or natural Christmas tree?

When we talk Christmas decorations, we usually focus on setting a great tone and creating an incredible holiday mood through light, ambiance and design. In doing so, most of us disregard safety and security. Yet every year there are numerous incidents (far too many to count) related to holiday decorations causing fires, falls or even electrocutions. Let's take a quick look at how you can avoid an unfortunate incident before it happens.

Installing a Christmas Tree? Think Safety before Style!

  • When it comes to trees go artificial because the risk of fire is significantly less.
  • Now, if you prefer a natural tree, be sure to cut and bevel the trunk to ensure your tree stays hydrated and doesn’t dry out. Also, keep the bucket the tree sits in always full of water.
  • Avoid buying your Christmas tree too early in December so that it doesn’t dry out by Christmas.
  • Location, location, location  place the tree away from exits and well travelled areas to prevent it from tipping over. Do not obstruct emergency exits.
  • Finally, always install the tree away from any heat sources.

Garland and lights

  • Ensure your lights are in very good condition. That means, get rid of any damaged or dried extensions or electrical cords.
  • Opt for LED lights not only to save on electricity, but to avoid overloading and heat emission as well.
  • Outdoors, be proactive and take advantage of the beautiful fall weather to install permanent multifunctional hooks on the gutters and door frames of the home to hang your lights. You can use them to easily install holiday lights and decorations every year thereafter.
  • Avoid overloading a circuit breaker with too many lights to eliminate electrical problems and potential fire hazards.
  • And, never ever use interior lights or decorations outside your home. The particularly applies to extension cords and electrical outlets.

There you go! We hope these basic but handy tricks and tips will keep you safe this winter!

Key takeaways
  • When talking safety go artificial! An artificial Christmas tree is safer than a natural one.
  • If you go natural, make sure it is never dry.
  • Check all your lights to ensure they are in perfect condition before hanging them.
  • Take advantage of the fall weather to install your outdoor lights before the holiday winds of winter hit.
  • And never ever overload your electrical circuits with too many lights.