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Save with accellerated payments

Do you have a mortgage that you'd like to pay off quickly? If your situation permits, you could benefit from using accelerated payments. They allow you to ecomonize and pay off the mortgage debt faster. Let's have a look at an example.

Payments Payment amount Amortization Savings
Monthly  $1,015.58 25 yrs
Bimonthly  $507.79  25 yrs $274.02.
Twice montly     $468.73 25 yrs $786.46.
Weekly  $243.37 24.9 yrs $914.37.
Twice monthly accellerated  $507.79 22.2 yrs $11,212.94.
Weekly accellerated  $253.90 22.2 yrs $11,330.66.


Why work with a broker?

Save time and money by calling on a Multi-Prêts broker. Your broker’s services are completely free for a residential mortgage. The broker is paid by the financial institution, which in no way affects your mortgage rate.

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Who is Multi-Prêts?

We have been the leading mortgage brokerage firm for over 30 years and we offer our expertise to FADOQ members looking for a residential mortgage, no matter what their mortgage needs may be.

We will guide you through the process of securing the very best mortgage product, by giving you free access to a wide range of products offered in partnership with over 20 financial institutions, some of which deal exclusively with brokers.

Multi-Prêts Mortgages primary mission is to give you unparallelled service that is 100% transparent, 100% honest, and 100% professional.

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Your Multi-Prêts broker can help you find the mortgage solutions that best meet your needs or your projects

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  • Renovate
  • Get more money for retirement (reverse mortgage)

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Unparallelled, transparent, honest, and 100% professional service

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Today's Rates Multi-Prêts

As of March 23, 2017

Posted rates
2.44% 1 year Fixed closed Posted Rates3.6%
2.44% 3 years Fixed closed Posted Rates4.35%
2.59% 5 years Fixed closed Posted Rates5.14%
2% 5 years variable Variable Posted Rates2.7%
*Some conditions apply. Subject to change without prior notice. See more Multi-Prêts rate options