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56 rue St-Jean-Baptiste Victoriaville (819) 752-3003 5 brokers at your service Visit the office site of Victoriaville
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Multi-Prêts Mortgage Rates in Victoriaville

Whether you are looking to buy or refinance a property in Victoriaville, trust our experienced team of mortgage brokers to help you get the best possible deal. Multi-Prêts brokers are there to offer you the best mortgage rates and loan terms that are right for you.

The difference between our brokers and a bank?

Our brokers in Victoriaville work for you. They can help you get a mortgage at the best possible rates on the best possible terms. Thanks to our network of over 20 mortgage lenders, our brokers can offer you 200 plus products. Which bank offers you that? True advisors, our brokers work for you. They can help guide you throughout the purchasing process. What’s more, our services are free!

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Today's Multi-Prêts mortgage rates*

As of July 02, 2020

Posted rates
2.24% 1 year Fixed closed Get this rate Posted Rates4.09%
2.19% 3 years Fixed closed Get this rate Posted Rates4.3%
2.19% 5 years Fixed closed Get this rate Posted Rates5.19%
1.95% 5 years variable Variable Get this rate Posted Rates2.45%
*Some conditions apply. Subject to change without prior notice. Rates may vary according to the amount borrowed, your credit rating, guarantees offered and other factor. Please refer to your Multi-Prêts broker for more information. See more Multi-Prêts rate options