Look to the future: Invest in a "plex".

The "plex" is real estate jargon to describe an income-generating property with multiple units. This type of investment is considered a great way to build wealth. While we can never predict how the real estate market will evolve, we do know that traditionally, this type of investment has proven safe and profitable, overall.  

Buying an income-generating property is a little more complicated than purchasing a single unit. Multi-plex complex? It doesn't have to be! You'll appreciate the experience and insight that a we bring to the table. Take advantage of it.

Three good reason to invest in real estate

  • Generate income. Want to buy a bigger single family home? Think it through. When you buy an income property you benefit from rental income that increases your revenue, giving you even more borrowing capacity.
  • For a better retirement. Are you self-employed and have ambitions to retire early? Be smart. When you invest in real estate, you can build up a good pension fund or have a great source of revenue when you retire.
  • Finance other investments. You intend to own lots of real estate? Be crafty! Buy your first property, then refinance your mortgage for a down payment to buy a second one.

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