Multi-Prêts Mortgage Rates in Verdun

Multi-Prêts brokers in Verdun offer you the best possible mortgage rates and terms in the market. Whether you’re a buyer or business owner looking to purchase or refinance in Verdun, contact one of our brokers to find out about our fixed and variable rate offers today!

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Our brokers in Verdun work for you. They can help you get a mortgage at the best possible rate on the best possible terms. With over 20 lenders and 200 plus products to offer, Multi-Prêts ensures you always win. Which bank offers you that? Our brokers are real advisors working for you. They can help guide you through the homeownership process from start to finish. What’s more, our services are free!

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Today's Multi-Prêts mortgage rates*

As of September 15, 2019

Posted rates
3.04% 1 year Fixed closed Get this rate Posted Rates4.09%
2.79% 3 years Fixed closed Get this rate Posted Rates4.39%
2.59% 5 years Fixed closed Get this rate Posted Rates5.34%
2.9% 5 years variable Variable Get this rate Posted Rates3.95%
*Some conditions apply. Subject to change without prior notice. Rates may vary according to the amount borrowed, your credit rating, guarantees offered and other factor. Please refer to your Multi-Prêts broker for more information. See more Multi-Prêts rate options