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The best apps for savings and budgeting

June 20 2016 by Multi-Prêts Hypothèques
What you'll learn
  • Mint et Mint Bills

  • Spendee

  • Expenses Ok

  • Good Budget

  • Level Money

Having trouble keeping track of your expenses and respecting your budget? Here are some mobile apps that will help keeping yourself accountable. These apps grabbed our attention due to their simplicity and security (data saved in the cloud).

Applications Budget

Mint and Mint Bills app

Created by the Intuit company as one of the most renowned apps, this complete and secure tool gives you a global portrait of your personal finances. After inputting your banking, credit card and investment data the app will automatically categorize your expenses. You can attribute a specific budget to each category and Mint will alert you when you are approaching your spending limits. 
There is an added feature to this tool called Mint Bills, it allows you to pay all your bills on time in a very user friendly manner. 

Note: A web version is also available.

Spendee App

Available on IOS and Android (French) -  Free
Known for its appealing design, this app lets you create and share personal wallets. This function is practical to synchronize your finances with what’s really in your pocket. There are pointers for each subset of your expenses that indicate if you’re in the “green”, “yellow” or “red”. You can also take pictures of your receipts and use your banking cards to track where you’ve been.  This is a very interesting tool for travel as there are several currencies integrated in the app.

Expenses Ok app

Available on IOS  $0.99
Extremely practical, Expenses Ok doesn’t have to be opened to quantify your expenses. Simplified to the extreme, this app lets you observe where your money travels in a day, month or year. Sluggish users beware, Expenses Ok will only suit the self-disciplined individuals since it’s required that you track your expenses as they happen.

Good Budget app

Available on IOS and Android - Free
Similar to Spendee, Good Budget lets you categorize your expenses through distinct folders that you can share with other users. As your expenses pile up, you can pinpoint where your actual expenses differ from your budget. The free version of Good Budget has 20 different folders and does not have ads.   

Note: A web version is also available.

Level Money app

Available on IOS and Android - Free
As its name indicates, Level Money is based on incremental levels for each of your spending categories. Synchronized throughout all your bank accounts, this app automatically adjusts your revenues to your bills. This app helps you visualize your projected revenue versus your expenses in the months to come. 

Note: This app has won several awards in its industry.

Whether you decide to incorporate one of those apps, remember that little time is required on your part to setup the parameters. In the end, the ability to track your finances can only benefit you.

Key takeaways
  • It’s quick and easy to follow a budget through apps.
  • Effectively managing your expenses helps your down payment funds accumulation.