Documents you'll need to apply for a mortgage

To submit a mortgage application, you will need to provide lenders with a number of documents. The following are usually required:

Proof of down payment

  • Gift letter with proof of deposit
  • Statement of account
  • Personal check for automated payments

Transaction agreement

  • Broker contract
  • Signed promise to purchase with all annexesxes
  • Property listing

If necessary: 

  • Septic tank compliance certificate 
  • Water quality certificate
  • Leases
  • Condo fees

In the case of a private sale:

  • Certificate of location
  • Leases
  • Municipal and property tax account information

Proof of income

Salaried employee

  • Letter of employment (date hired, gross salary and position)
  • Pay stub


  • Notice of assessment for the last two years
  • Federal and provincial income tax reports (T1 general) for the last two years

*Other documents may be requested by the lender.

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