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Carla Pizzola - Mortgage Real Estate Broker in Montréal for Multi-Prêts

Carla Pizzola

Mortgage Real Estate Broker

(514) 212-6269 (514) 387-0177
Montréal, QC
Regions served
  • English
  • French
  • Italian

Why work with a broker?

A mortgage broker acts as an intermediary between someone who's looking for a mortgage and a financial institutions that lends money for real estate purchases.

A broker's role is to:

  • Negotiate a client's mortgage application with several financial institutions
  • Get you the best mortgage conditions available on the market, depending on your financial situation and credit history
  • Advise you on the best products and financial institutions available for your particular circumstances

We are not to be confused with a mortgage broker, which offers products from several lenders, or a mortgage advisor that represents a single lending institution.

At Multi-Prêts, we have access to mortgage products from over twenty financial institutions.

We are:

  • Specialists on top of market trends;
  • Trained to identify your needs and act quickly.

We won't waste your time or present you with nasty surprises. 

You should know:

We get exclusive promotions from more than 20 financial institutions,  all just a few clicks away.


Today's Multi-Prêts mortgage rates*

As of August 22, 2019

Posted rates
3.04% 1 year Fixed closed Get this rate Posted Rates4.09%
2.79% 3 years Fixed closed Get this rate Posted Rates4.39%
2.59% 5 years Fixed closed Get this rate Posted Rates5.34%
2.9% 5 years variable Variable Get this rate Posted Rates3.95%
*Some conditions apply. Subject to change without prior notice. Rates may vary according to the amount borrowed, your credit rating, guarantees offered and other factor. Please refer to your Multi-Prêts broker for more information. See more Multi-Prêts rate options

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