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Mortgage questions

Why have a mortgage?
Mortgage versus home equity line of credit: what’s the difference?
How long can amortization be?
How can I lower my amortization period and my interest fees?
How does mortgage renewal work?
What is a cash back?
Are there grants and programs for first time home buyers?
How can I save on my mortgage?
Which mortgage term is best?
Which is better, a variable or fixed rate mortgage?
Can I get a mortgage with a low credit score or after a bankruptcy?
Can I use a mortgage to consolidate debts?
Why my mortgage or loan application falls through?
Can I finance home renovations with a mortgage?
Why should I subscribe to a mortgage insurance?
How much are CMHC fees?
What is a mortgage used for?
How much can I afford for my house?
What conditions should be met to start the mortgage process?
Can I get a mortgage without a down payment?
Where can I find the funds for my down payment?
What are the rules for using my RRSP for a down payment?
What other expenses should I anticipate before buying a property?
Can I get preapproved for a mortgage?
How to find out my mortgage payments?

Questions about us and mortgage brokerage

What can a Multi-Prêts mortgage broker do for me?
What are the fees charged by a mortgage broker?
Why can a mortgage broker get a better interest rate than I can at my own bank?
Who do the Multi-Prêts mortgage brokers work for?

Questions about privacy

What is the Multi-Prêts privacy policy?
How does Multi-Prêts protect my personal information when I submit an online request?
If I have further questions that are not dealt with in the FAQs pages, who should I contact?