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Why property owners should watch out for legal hypothecs

January 27 2020 | by Multi-Prêts Hypothèques Most people are familiar with real estate mortgages, even if they aren’t homeowners. For many, securing a mortgage is an essential step to owning property. But did you know there are many types of mortgages?
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What type of investment is right for you?

August 20 2019 | by Multi-Prêts Hypothèques The days of hiding your savings under the mattress are gone. Nowadays, one of the best ways to grow your money is to invest it. But there are lots of options to choose from and it's easy to get overwhelmed. So, where should you start?
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A financial advisor: your best ally for your finances

June 19 2019 | by Multi-Prêts Hypothèques Numbers aren't your thing, but you're hoping to have a cushy retirement? Do you want to save for your children's post-secondary education but don't know where to invest your money? A financial advisor can help you make decisions about savings, estate planning, and financial planning.
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Cohabitation agreements for unmarried people

August 31 2018 | by Multi-Prêts Hypothèques Nearly 40% of couples are in common-law unions, and two thirds of children are born outside of marriage.
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The economic repercussions of divorce

August 17 2018 | by Multi-Prêts Hypothèques A tough time to go through, from both a personal and a financial standpoint
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Demystifying easements and rights-of-way

July 19 2018 | by Multi-Prêts Hypothèques In order to prevent problems with the neighbourhood!

Subletting a property

June 18 2018 | by Multi-Prêts Hypothèques An interesting option for travellers and young professionals who have to work outside the country.
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Father’s Day Gift Guide

May 22 2018 | by Multi-Prêts Hypothèques Ideas for every dad’s personality
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What’s the purpose of a declaration of family residence?

April 24 2018 | by Multi-Prêts Hypothèques It’s a way to protect a spouse that is not an owner or tenant.
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Understanding estate liquidation

April 24 2018 | by Multi-Prêts Hypothèques Settling an estate, an endeavour that is as delicate as it is important