Your revenue

With less revenue coming in, you'll have to adapt your life accordingly. That said, there's a silver lining in retirement.

Your debts

Don't make managing your debts in retirement a source of stress. We've got some tips for you.
Pay off your mortgage before you retire, or at least get it down as far as possible.

Your property

Upon retirement, your property could become an important source of revenue, to supplement loss of other revenue. This is mostly due to the fact that your property has increased in value over the years, and that capital gain is now available to you. Take advantage!

Move or stay put for your retirement?

There are lots of different ways to reflect on this question.

Rent before you buy

Do you picture yourself moving when you retire? Have you thought about rent before buying? It's a good way to be sure that the new neighborhood you want to be in is truly right for you.

Still have questions?

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