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The Art of Outdooring

March 6 2018 by Multi-Prêts Hypothèques
What you'll learn
  • Demystifying the trend

  • Kitchens

  • Living rooms


Outdooring, or outdoor living, is without a doubt the latest trend in design. Whether facing the courtyard or the gardens, an inspired exterior layout will allow you to savour every last drop of summer.

Not only will we explain what outdooring consists of, we’ll also give you some tips and decorating ideas to adopt this trend that’s here to stay.

Demystifying the trend

Outdooring consists of setting up your outside space to take full advantage of nature’s resources, thus creating an extension of your home. This trend can be especially appealing to Quebeckers, who often have to put up with Mother Nature’s mood swings.

Installing or even building everyday commodities in your yard is the best way to spend time outdoors, without foregoing the comfort of your own home. This concept can help a property’s resale value bloom, as it is sure to seduce potential buyers.  

Keep in mind that this new room should be designed in line with the rest of your interior style, which means it might be a good idea to call on an interior designer. Furthermore, the natural environment you’re exploiting must be coordinated with your outdoor furniture layout.


If you get a chance to set up an outside kitchen, do it! Make sure your table is partially shaded, so you can stay cool while eating. Although the barbecue goes hand-in-hand with summer, a traditional pizza oven, a large bar, a kitchenette or a meal prep area are all appealing options. The result will be nothing short of stunning, making time stand still during those memorable nights spent with family, friends or a significant other.

Living rooms

Recreate your living room’s upscale and comfortable atmosphere, outside. You’d be wise to place your furniture to face the setting sun, so you can enjoy its rays at the end of the day. Consider shopping for weatherproof, easy to clean chairs, sofas, end tables and other storage spaces. A fireplace is sure to be a star attraction in your outdoor area; just make sure the type of fireplace you plan on purchasing respects your municipality’s regulations. Lastly, a heating lamp is sure to please, allowing you to make the most of your investment even during the chilliest nights of spring and autumn.

In short, outdooring, or the art of living outside, is sure to improve the life of Quebec’s homeowners and their families.

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Key takeaways
  • Outdooring can help a property's resale value bloom, as it is sure to seduce potential buyers.
  • Consider shopping for weatherproof, easy to clean furniture.
  • An inspired exterior layout will allow you to savour every last drop of summer, and even extend into spring and autumn.