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Should you buy or rent your next home?

July 16 2019 | by Multi-Prêts Hypothèques, in collaboration with National Bank The rental of a home and the acquisition of a property both have their share of advantages and risks. Here are five questions to ask yourself to determine if it's better to buy a house or remain a tenant.
Intergenerational homes

What are your housing options after retirement?

April 12 2019 | by Multi-Prêts Hypothèques Our aging population means that the number of people over 65 is constantly on the rise and retirement homes in Quebec are filling up quickly. Over the past several years, other options have opened up for retirees, such as intergenerational homes and duplexes or triplexes.

Tips for investing in a small plex

November 22 2017 | by Multi-Prêts Hypothèques : Tips and tricks to keep in mind before buying a property with four units or fewer
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Evaluating a house’s market value

October 23 2017 | by Multi-Prêts Hypothèques Whether you’re buying or selling, estimating a property’s market value requires you to consider an array of factors. To help you see clearly and avoid certain traps, here are some things to keep in mind.
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Condotels : good or bad investment?

August 18 2017 | by Multi-Prêts Hypothèques Over the last few decades, the condo-hotel concept has been making its mark in the real-estate world. This second residence, co-ownership, investment and rental hybrid is lauded by some and warned against by others. But is it a worthwhile investment?

Buying a repossession: what you need to know

June 30 2017 | by Multi-Prêts Hypothèques It can be tempting to believe that repossessions are synonymous with good deals when you’re looking to buy. But does one person’s bad luck really guarantee savings for future buyers?
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Do we have to declare a capital gains on a principal residence?

May 15 2017 | by Denis Doucet Since 2016, any homeowner who sells h/her principal property with a capital gain or loss must declare it in Schedule 3 of their provincial income tax returns despite a tax exemption for Canadian residents.
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Rules on pets and condos

April 25 2017 | by Multi-Prêts Hypothèques Here are the important things to know when it comes to pets in condos.
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Buying a cottage: what you need to know

April 20 2017 | by Multi-Prêts Hypothèques Owning a cottage : the constraints and responsibilities

Landlords: your rights and obligations when it comes to tenants

April 12 2017 | by Multi-Prêts Hypothèques Investing in rental properties in an informed fashion is an excellent way to generate extra income and create a legacy, as mentioned in our article A Practical Guide to Owning Income Property.