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We have but one purpose: to help you gain a better understanding of the real estate buying process, and be the best property owner you can be. Whether you’re buying your very first property, or you already have experience, we’re here for you. We’ll give you the facts, and offer solutions according to your needs: we have no hidden agenda. Our only purpose is to serve your interests!

  1. The best rate for your mortgage

    Couple et conseiller

    In this article What is the best rate? Several factors can affect your mortgage rate. Renewing or refinancing your mortgage can be a good opportunity to get a better rate. If you’re thinking of buying a home in the near future, you’re probably shopping around for a mortgage in hopes of getting the lowest interest […]

  2. The benefits of being guided by a mortgage broker when buying your first home.

    In this article The role of a mortgage broker in the home-buying process The benefits of using a Multi-Prêts mortgage broker Get the best mortgage and know all the facts Choosing a broker Starting to feel cramped in your apartment? Maybe you need an extra room, you’re sick of storing your bikes in the living […]

  3. The tax-free FHSA, a new tool to help first-time buyers save for a down payment

    In this article How does the FHSA work? FHSA vs. HBP FHSA withdrawals A new practical tool Les futurs acheteurs pourront bientôt compter sur un nouvel outil pour les aider à constituer une mise de Prospective buyers will soon be able to rely on a new tool to help them save for a down payment. […]

  4. How to properly care for your lawn

    A beautiful lawn requires lots of care, time, and maintenance. Here are a few guidelines to help ensure your grass is greener than your neighbour’s. In this article Mowing your lawn properly Watering your lawn Aerating the soil The benefits of fertilizing Mowing your lawn properly Regular mowing promotes a healthy lawn that tolerates hot […]

  5. What to do when we are unable to pay our mortgage?

    by Denis Doucet What you’ll learn When to warn your lender The options available to you What your broker can do Financial difficulties can appear at any moment throughout your life. What happens whem you’ve emptied your backup finances and can no longer reimburse your mortgage? First, alert your lender… fast! Being proactive and contacting your […]

  6. How to find the right building contractor

    by Multi-Prêts Mortgages What you’ll learn Research and call for submissions Are they in good standing? Questions you need to ask When you don’t have much experience, finding a good building contractor to work on your home is no easy task. In order to hedge against unpleasant surprises, here are a few important things to […]

  7. Demystifying the certificate of location

    In this article What should a certificate of location contain? Who issues the certific ate of location?How long is a certificate of location valid for? Who pays for the certificate of location? What should you do in the event of an irregularity? The certificate of location: An essential document Are you planning to buy a […]

  8. Eco-friendly tips & tricks for spring cleaning

    by Multi-Prêts Mortgages What you’ll learn Disinfectant recipe Windows and the barbecue grill Getting rid of junk The sun smiles down upon us longer and longer each day and the weather’s heating up, which means it’s time for the famous spring clean! In fact, if you want to put your house up for sale, it’s […]

  9. Loan or home equity line of credit?

    house and a piggy bank in hands

    by Multi-Prêts Mortgages What you’ll learn What is a home equity line of credit?  Pros and cons Beware excessive debt: discipline is a must! Some claim a home equity line of credit is practically a gift from the Gods. Others claim it’s a scheme that encourages excessive debt and financial ruin. But whom should you […]

  10. Understanding your mortgage payment

    In this article Components of a mortgage payment Mortgage amortization Mortgage terms Payment frequency Prepayments If you own your home, chances are you took out a mortgage to finance the purchase. Now, like most homeowners, you make payments several times a year to pay it off. But do you know how those payments are actually […]

Understanding your mortgage payment

Gilles Théberge

Mortgage Broker

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