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Tools for your mortgage

You’re thinking about becoming a homeowner and you want to know more about mortgages? Use our calculation tools, sign up for our free workshops, or contact us for free mortgage advice. Becoming a homeowner has never been so easy!

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Drafted by the OACIQ, here are two practical guides for the purchase or sale of your property with a real estate broker.

Because the perfect home needs the perfect insurance.

What mortgage is right for you?

Fixes rate

You’re cautious and like stability? Get fixed payments for a fixed term.

Variable rate

A great opportunity to get today’s best rates if you’re comfortable with market fluctuations.

CMHC option

You have less than 20% down payment? You’ll need a CMCH-insured mortgage.

Information capsules

Practical advice for your mortgage
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Tips for choosing your first mortgage
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First house? Your mortgage broker can help!

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