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Life and home insurance

Exclusive range of life and home insurance products

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Benefits of our life insurance

No charge for up to 6 months

Exclusivity: you make no insurance payments between your mortgage approval and the notary*


The insurance amount is non-decreasing: it’s not just your mortgage balance that is covered.

You choose your beneficiaries

Indemnity is paid to your beneficiaries, not to your creditors. They can use the amount for another purpose.

Benefits of our home insurance


Get your insurance quote by answering a few additional questions.


As soon as you accept, the contract is sent to you within 48 hours, just in time for your visit to the notary.

Safety and reliability

Deal with our insurance brokers, duly authorized by the Autorité des marchés financiers, and benefit from a complete range of products for all your needs.

Home and Auto Insurance

Because the perfect home needs the perfect insurance, get a quote with Simplassur

SimplAssur by Multi-Prêts

*Multi-Prêts will pay premiums for up to 6 months.