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Choosing the ideal countertop for your kitchen

by Multi-Prêts Mortgages

What you’ll learn

  • Laminate countertops
  • Granite countertops
  • Massive wood countertops
  • Quartz countertops
  • Marble countertops

It’s well known that an impressive kitchen is one of your best sales arguments when selling a property. According to the Appraisal Institute of Canada, renovating your kitchen can yield a 75% to 100% return on investment.

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Of course, modern appliances and sparkling faucets are immediate eye-catchers. But the choice of countertops for the kitchen remains just as important to charm the buyers.

Here are the advantages, inconveniences and maintenance details for the most sought-after countertops in interior design.

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Laminate countertops

Photo credit : Cuisines Action


  • Laminate offers different finishes that imitate marble, quartz and wood, for a fraction of the price. It’s available in a wide variety of colours and patterns to fit your decor.
  • Installation is quick and inexpensive.
  • Resistant to shocks and scrapes, laminate has a lasting quality.


  • Visually, the effect of a laminate countertop is less luxurious. Even when carefully applied, the joints remain apparent.
  • Laminate is sensitive to heat. It’s therefore important never to place hot pots directly onto it, as damaged surfaces are hard to repair.


Use low-abrasive cleaning product.

Granite countertops

Photo credit : National Granit


  • Granite is a natural stone that adds character.
  • It resists very well to heat, scratches and stains.
  • It is sold in matte, polished and antique versions, and exists in many colours. You’ll inevitably find colour variations on sheets from the same slab.
  • Its life expectancy is exceptional.


  • Its eccentric look does not necessarily suit every style.
  • It’s more expensive than laminate.
  • Granite must be treated with a sealer every year, which means extra costs.


Avoid dulling the stone’s shine by using a low-abrasive solution. For deep stains, use a product made especially for granite.

Massive wood countertops

Photo credit : Cuisines Jacques Bernier


  • A wooden counter, something like a butcher’s block, makes a statement. It has a look that is both authentic, and original.
  • It’s easy to install and can easily be fixed.
  • Certain types of wood, such as teak, are impermeable and are perfectly adapted for kitchens.


  • The wood is sensitive to heat, shocks and scratches.
  • It is relatively expensive and requires more maintenance than other types of counters. A sealer must be applied regularly.


Wood absorbs stains deeply, which is why it’s important to clean up spills as soon as they occur. Apply natural oils and sand the wood as needed.

Quartz countertops

Crédit photo : Cuisines Exclusives Design Sherbrooke


  • Quartz is offered in many shades and varieties. Unlike granite, it has a more uniform finish.
  • Beyond its decorative appeal, quartz is very resistant to shocks and scratches.
  • It is an antibacterial, watertight, durable stone.
  • Unlike granite and wood, quart counters do not require any sealant.


  • They are relatively expensive.
  • The edges can chip.
  • Quartz does not tolerate heat very well, heat mats are required for anything over 150°C


Use a soft cleaning product.

Marble countertops

Photo credit : Granite M3R


  • Marble never goes out of style, and adds class to any kitchen.
  • There is a wide range of shades.
  • Its surface resists well to shocks, wear and heat.


  • Obviously, marble is an expensive stone.
  • A marble countertop can be very heavy, requiring you to strengthen the cabinets underneath.
  • It is sensitive to acidity and grease.
  • It requires a high level of maintenance.


  • Marble stains easily, stains must be wiped up immediately.
  • Sealant must be applied regularly.
  • Use a cleaning product with a neutral pH.

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Key takeaways


  • According to the Appraisal Institute of Canada, renovating your kitchen can yield a 75% to 100% return on investment.
  • Noble materials require more maintenance.
  • Most surfaces require the regular applying of sealant.
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