Invitations from family, friends come fast and furious during the holiday season. Finding the perfect “thank you for inviting me” gift for your hostess or host can be a challenge. Here are some great gift suggestions your hostess or host are sure to appreciate.

The happiness box

Nancy Couture got up one morning with the intention of changing the world. The mother of three boys, Nancy has always been a great practitioner of positive thinking and has put together 365 of the finest quotes to keep you in the right frame of mind. Even this year’s Golden Globe Award celebrity attendees will receive a Happiness Box in January 2017! We can’t think of a better way to start the year.

Best suited for: everyone!
Price: $22
Purchase online:

A chef’s apron

This year, Dorianne Deshaies, her husband and three daughters bought a company that makes kitchen aprons called FIOU. The company offers superb models for all tastes and budgets. The designs not only reflect Dorianne’s strong sense of style, but will surely enhance your cooking experience as well.

Best suited for: women (but there are also designs for men and children)
Price: $ 46
Purchase online

O! Gratitude

The perfect gift basket whose name says it all. Show your appreciation by bringing this foodie-filled basket of favorites to your hostess with the mostess! In the lovely O! Gratitude gift basket you’ll find biscuits, maple sugar fudge, pesto, black raspberry & grapefruit jelly, black chocolate caramels, honey and much more!

Best suited for: foodie lovers of fine products
Price: $58.95
Purchase online

BOOK: The 50 most beautiful travel tours around the world

Here is a beautiful book that brings travelling to life. The book comprises 50 of the most beautifully unique travel tours around the world. “Travel in all Seasons” is above all a one-stop source of inspiration and go-to guide to imagine and prepare your next dream vacation. Visit New Zealand in the footsteps of Captain Cook, Mexico at Frida Kahlo, the Silk Road in Uzbekistan, Rwanda by a gorilla safari, and many other memorable tours for travel aficionados.

Best suited for: travel aficionados
Price: $24.99 (digital) and $34.95 (paper)
Purchase online

A home-made gift

If you’re handy, have the time, patience and energy then make your own gift. Jam, cookies, sweets…the skies the limit. The big thing here is to offer a small token of appreciation. What’s more, you don’t have to spend a ton of money!

Better yet, if your hostess or host is someone who’d appreciate garden to table ingredients, you could even bring a beautifully wrapped box full of produce or herbs for a trendy recipe.

Here are some examples:

Encourage your local artisans

Leading up to the holiday season, many temporary markets showcase local talent and the creativity of artisans across the region. So take advantage of the opportunity to discover the multitude of new products out there in your neck of the woods!

In Montreal 

In Laval

In Longueuil

If the customary bottle of wine doesn’t make the cut, then we hope one of our great suggestions does. Have fun and happy holiday season!

Keys takeaways

  • Remember, there are so many other alternatives to the customary bottle of wine for the hostess or host this holiday!