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Carlo Sardelli

Carlo Sardelli

Mortgage Broker

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At Multi-Prets Mortgages, we have a mission to find the best mortgage for you, free of charge. When you meet with our brokers, you gain access to products from 20 financial institutions all in one sitting. Because of this, you can be sure you'll get a mortgage catered to your needs, helping you save thousands of dollars!

Take advantage of our expertise, our knowledge and strength of negotiation as the leading mortgage broker in Quebec.

Meet the Multi-Prets team. There's no better choice.

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2018: the year alternative lending gets a second glance

Feb 26, 2018

by Carlo Sardelli As potential home buyers face new mortgage rules, alternative lending can be a worthwhile solution for those willing to look beyond their traditional banks. Change is the only constant. That can be said about many things and, most recently, about the borrowing market here in Canada. In an already rising rate environment, the Office of the Superintendent…

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Carlo Sardelli

Carlo Sardelli

Mortgage Broker

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