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Proud of every strand of our DNA

Pioneers in the mortgage broker industry, the Multi-Prêts / Mortgage Alliance Group is a unique player on the market. We are proud of what we do.  Go ahead, judge for yourself!

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We have one goal: to find you the best mortgage out there. Free of charge.

Our promise: All of our brokers work for themselves. Their only real boss is you. It’s in their interest to make you happy and simplify the process of getting a mortgage..

The facts: No matter who you are or where you live, we have something for you. Even if you own your home, you can rely on us. 

Savings: You like your bank a lot. But if you like to save money, we are indispensable to you. 

Abundance: You like banks. Great. We can get you connected with up to 35 of them! 

The illusion: “All mortgages are the same.” That may be your opinion but it is not ours. We know where to look to find that rare gem you’ve been searching for.

The evidence: With more than 6,000 mortgage specialists, the Multi-Prêts/Mortgage Alliance Group is an uncontested leader in Canada and a major player in Québec. You benefit from this strength when we negotiate with lenders. 

Notoriety: We are the most recognized, well-known mortgage brokers in Canada. Our satisfied clients attest to our commitment and expertise.

Facts and figures

  • Established in Montreal in 1982, Multi-Prets Mortgage is part of M3 Financial Group
  • 6,300 mortgage brokers across Canada, with 500 in Québec.
  • More than 20, 500 satisfied clients in Québec.
  • In 2020-2021, 95% of our clients would recommend our services.  
  • More than 35 lenders across the country.

It’s time to do things differently. Use Multi-Prêts for your mortgage. There is simply no better.

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