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8 reasons to choose Multi-Prêts


A leader in mortgage brokerage for over 40 years and as the # 1 mortgage agency in Québec with over 410 brokers, Multi-Prêts reputation is well-established. Often quoted as an expert in the news, Multi-Prêts is a media reference for the mortgage industry. 

Multi-Prêts: A solid reference!

We are recognized by major influencers in the industry!

Consumer Choice 2011

Multi-Prêts has been awarded the Consumers’ Choice in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016, an honour due to the quality of service offered by our brokers. Multi-Prêts is a guarantee of quality and service. According to a recent survey by the renowned firm IPSOS-Reid, our brand awareness reached 65%, meaning that nearly 2/3 of the population are familiar with our brand, wich is an outstanding accomplishment for an industry as young as ours. Multi-Prêts invests heavily in advertising to ensure higher brand recognition and to secure a place in the heart of Québec homeowners across the province.  Remember: the brand identity should also be a main criterion when it comes time to choosing a banner as it is a major asset when going into business! When you choose Multi-Prêts, you are not “just” representing a firm like Multi-Prêts. You are with Multi-Prêts, the reference in mortgage brokerage in Québec! 

Multi-Prêts gets involved!

Our leaders are involved in the mortgage industry, serving or managing committees, or associations, such as the OACIQ (the regulatory body for real estate brokerage in Québec), CAAMP (Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Brokers), and College de l’Immobilier du Québec.  Multi-Prêts is also very much involved in the community; it has been and a proud partner of the Breakfast Club of Québec for over 10 years. Also sensitive commited to the environment, Multi-Prêts is expanding its green policy and in the process of obtaining certification from Recyc-Québec.

Our Recognition Programs

All of our brokers are invited to participate in our many recognition programs.

Our top performers are recognized during our kick-off event every January, wich is the official launch of each new year.  During this time, present awards for various categories: the Masters Club, Elite Club and President’s Club.  Multi-Prêts also organizes a TOP Performance contest thats highlights the exceptional achievement of some of our brokers. The winners are invited, accompanied by the person of their choice, to travel to a sunny five-star for a week –  all expenses paid. Many of our lenders also sponsor this contest, allowing many more brokers to earn this exceptional prize.

Technology at your service

Multi-Prêts makes every effort to provide the best tools in the industry to its brokers. These tools allow them to be successful and stand out from the competition. Among them, a decision support system so outstanding and forward thinking that everyone would like to have it; however, only our brokers have access to this unique tool that combines, in one document, all the products offered by our lenders!

This system or “rate matrix” has been improved and features a unique filter system to help your product research. In addition, the rate matrix is also web based: you can download it to your computer, tablet or even your Smartphone. What are you waiting for?


Everyone talks about technology… but unlike the competition, technology is part of our DNA at Group Multi-Prêts. Our exclusive platform, called BOSS, revolutionized the industry. It allows you to manage all your contacts, to evaluate the status of your current transactions and even gives you the ability to indicate your compensation during the transactional process.

The Gate

The portal brings together all your essential documents and resources on a daily basis, as well as provides easy access to an array of business development tools, marketing tools, planning tools. The portal also provides brokers the latest information from lenders, service partners, and relevant information on accounting, insurance programs and perhaps most importantly… your payroll.

Filogix Expert System

This program is installed on your computer at the time of your initial training. This tool allows you to process your mortgage files quick and easily! The system is the all-important link between you and lenders. It allows you to push your client files directly to the lender’s analyst that you have chosen for your customer.

Customer Relationship Management System (CRM)

You will also have access to a customer relationship management system that will allow you to seamlessly manage your databases in order to communicate directly with your customers. This essential loyalty/servicing tool provides the necessary reach to proactively deepen existing customer relationships and grow new ones. 


This computerized system lets you to track the evolution of your files which transact via the access platform (PAP) to lenders. In today’s ever-changing world, information is gold. So stay up to date on the progress of your files at all times!

Custom Website

Upon joining the Group Multi-Prêts team, you will get a personalized landing page that we will host on the corporate website, at no cost. This page contains your contact information, up-to-date rates, a description of your services, a virtual calculator and a secure mortgage application form.

Custom Corporate Email

We create an email address@multi-prets.com for all brokers as soon as you arrive!

Virtual fax number

You will also get a customized virtual fax number to receive your faxes directly via email. Simple, efficient and environmentally friendly!

The support of a team dedicated to your success

Given the growing number of mortgage brokers in Multi-Prêts’s team, the company has established a solid turnkey management system that allows you to properly manage all administrative aspects related to your business as a broker. The availability of Multi-Prêts’s administrative team, gives brokers all necessary support for their success.

Broker Integration

Upon joining the broker team, you’ll receive full support from everyone to ensure a smooth and successful onboarding. That means instant access to all the go-to tools necessary to be successful in your role.

Our broker orientation

Upon arrival at Multi-Prêts, our mortgage broker receives the support of the entire team to integrate well and have access to all the tools necessary for his career.

Broker Support

Broker support is offered free of charge by phone, fax, email or on-site at our corporate offices in Montreal, Quebec City and Gatineau. Our regional directors are always available. Their main role is to be a “coach” for you. Unlike other banners, our management team does not work in the field as support team is dedicated 100% to your success. From day 1, he will support and accompany you in your journey through our unique Start up Guide: I’m flying! Together you can discuss your development strategies to accelerate your performance and help you achieve your goals. 

You will also enjoy the support of deputy regional directors who are specialists in mortgage products. They are always available to answer all of your questions and help you with your first client’s transactions with lenders.

You can also benefit from various training sessions for free. Our “Let’s start right”  training will allow you to make a smooth entry into the field of mortgage brokering; we also have continuous education sessions, so that you can stay up-to-date with the constant changes in our industry. Conferences and theme days are scheduled throughout the year to help you with your business development and deepen your knowledge; thisgives you all the information and tools necessary to answer your customer’s needs and help you to advance your business.

Lenders Access Platform (LAP)

The philosophy of Multi-Prêts is to provide access to all lenders, all products and all promotions, to all brokers. For this reason, Multi-Prêts created the Lenders Access Platform (LAP). Our team of experienced underwriters are there to help unaccredited brokers submit their transactions to lenders. This is a free and very unique VIP service offered to you by Multi-Prêts, even early during your career!

Marketing and advertising guidance

Two advisors are available to help you prepare a good marketing strategy for your business development and create, with you, original and effective advertising concepts. They offer helpful tips for free! 

The marketing department generates a monthly newsletter for you to stay in touch with your potential customers (and existing customers) and build loyalty. Multi-Prêts is continuously working to develop and improve its marketing tool, which are essential for prospecting and increasing customer loyalty.

Qualified computer technicians

Through its team of qualified technicians, Multi-Prêts offers you access to experienced professionals in technology. Their role starts with the installation of all the software programs you will need to process your client’s mortgage transactions as well as to communicate with lenders. Your computer acts up? Simply contact our IT department.  Our technicians will take care of it without delay and free of charge.

Unique corporate events

At Multi-Prêts, a sense of belonging is at the heart of our concerns. This is why our brokers are invited each year to different events in formal and informal settings.  These events always welcome large audiences since Multi-Prêts is known for creating outstanding happenings.

For the past 40 years, Multi-Prêts has been more than a simple mortgage brokerage firm. We are a large welcoming family!

Accounting Services

The accounting department offers a complete service to facilitate the management of your finances. A dedicated team is there to pay your commissions on time and answer your questions!

Group Insurance Program

We offer a group insurance plan like no other ! Work with peace of mind!

Do you wish to protect your family, your revenue or access cash flow in the event that you are unable to continue working?  Multi-Prêts offers you access to a group insurance plan that goes beyond the services covered by the public health system.

We understand that by choosing to become self-employed, you chose flexibility and control of your professional life, but took on the complete responsibility of your financial and professional protection. 

Top Performance program

Are you an over-achiever? Are you looking to surpass your wildest dreams? Are you among the elite, top-performers? Multi-Prêts has developed a financial reward for you!

Other benefits:

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