• Mint et Mint Bills
  • Spendee
  • Expenses Ok
  • Good Budget
  • Level Money

Is it easy to keep track of your expenses and keep control of your budget? Here is mobile app that will help you manage your personal finances. We chose easy and secure app for you.   (Data saved in the cloud.)

Mint and Mint Bills app

Available on IOS and Android – Free
Made by Intuit Company, this app is one of the best known. Complete and secure, it offers an overall picture of your personal finances. After you connected the app with your bank accounts, your credit card and your investments, you’ll see your expenses being categorized automatically. You can match a specific budget for every category and set a warning when you are going over budget. 

Mint also ensures you to pay your bills on time with Mint Bills. There are many options but it is an app easy to use. Web version also available. 

Spendee App

Available on IOS and Android (French) – Free
Known for its good-looking design, Spendee will delight visual people. You can create and share personalized wallets, a useful function that can be synchronized with your relatives. For every wallet, a progress bar indicates green, yellow or red, depending on your financial status. Take pictures of your bill and use the cards to write down where you were. Interesting fact for travellers: many currencies included. 

Expenses Ok app

Available on IOS – $0.99
Exclusive to Expenses OK : you are not obligated to turn on the app to fill your expenses.
Colourful and very simple, you can see what you spend every day, every month and every year ! However, this app is appropriate for disciplined people only because as the time you spend on something, you need to write the sum yourself. 

Good Budget app

Available on IOS and Android – Free
As Spendee, Good Budget helps you in creating distinct envelopes you can share with other users. As you spend, you see where you must reduce and on what you can still spend within your budget. The free version allows 20 envelopes, without advertising. Available on the Internet. 

Level Money app

Available on IOS and Android – Free
As its name indicates, Level Money is based upon available funding levels to help you reach your goals. Synchronized within your bank accounts, its adjusted automatically to your income and your bills. An exclusive feature of Level Money enables forecasts of your income versus your expenses of next month. This app won many prizes.  

Whether you choose one or another app, keep in mind that you only need a short time to set features. It will surely help you in the near future because you’ll know where your money went and how to save!

  • With those apps, tracking your budget has never been that easy and quick. 
  • Manage your expenses in an efficient way, to save your down payment.