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Get the right advice from your broker today to help you reach your life goals tomorrow!

by Denis Doucet

What you’ll learn

  • What other life goals and projects can I achieve through proper mortgage planning?
  • The important role a mortgage broker can play in helping to bring your goals and projects to life

Contrary to popular belief, your life stage and lifestyle are in constant flux. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that your mortgage needs are always changing as well, and not only on the date your mortgage matures. Similar to your personal investments with a financial advisor, your mortgage needs should synch with your life stage and lifestyle in the short and long term. So be proactive. Make a yearly checklist to determine whether you’re on the right track to reaching your life goals.

Plan your mortgage needs

Here are some examples of dream projects that you may be able to leverage the benefits of your mortgage to help bring to life:

How a mortgage broker can help you

They can help you get there by : 

  • Educating you on all your options at hand that your mortgage provides to help you reach the many other goals in your life;  
  • Show you the features and benefits of your mortgage to help you make realistic choices depending on your life stage, lifestyle or present situation; 
  • Provide you with a solid game plan and road map that will help you better determine how to reach your new goals.

Keep in mind that a mortgage can help you reach many other goals in your life (other than simply allowing you to buy a home).

The key to ensure you achieve these life goals is to plan in advance!

Key takeaways
  • Assessing your mortgage needs annually will help keep you on track to achieve your life goals today and in the future.
  • No matter how your goals evolve, a mortgage broker is in a great position to provide you with the advice and expertise to help you reach your goals – no matter how big or small.
  • A mortgage broker will not only explain the best ways to bring your dream project to life, by leverage the necessary tools, calculators and resources to help ensure your best interests always come first.   
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