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SimpliciT Mortgages

SimpliciT Mortgages are managed by Paradigm Quest Inc., an experienced player in the Canadian industry managing 17 mortgage lenders to finance several billion dollars of residential mortgage transactions. SimpliciT is at the leading edge of the competitive mortgage market, providing efficient service and innovative solutions to different lenders. SimpliciT’s mandate is to provide solutions that can respond to ever-changing market conditions. It’s strength, thanks to its expertise, is to have the capacity to react to market variations at the right time.


Obtaining a mortgage with SimpliciT Mortgages

Multi-Prêts brokers offer SimpliciT products in addition to multiple other mortgage products. To find out if SimpliciT products are suitable in your situation.


  • Works exclusively with mortgage brokers
  • Residential mortgage only
  • A diversified product offering ensures that your mortgage continues to meet your unique requirements and objectives.