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Mortgage Renewal

Renewal: Compare and optimize your situation!

A mortgage renewal is the right moment to improve mortgage terms and conditions. This is particularly the case, if you are not satisfied with your current mortgage condition or don’t like the service provided by your bank or financial institution. Go elsewhere and find something better!

There are significant differences in loans offered by Multi-Prêts. Once we analyze your situation, needs and current mortgage, we can offer various products and services to help you save big. In addition, we can make sure to look at all the parameters to make sure it’s worth it for you to take the leap.

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Top considerations for a mortgage transfer

Terms and conditions

These are the first parameters to consider. The terms and conditions on your new mortgage should be much better than on your current mortgage. The transfer must save a substantial amount of interest over the coming years, despite fees charged in the transfer. Let your Multi-Prêts broker work out the calculations for you.

Administration and discharge fees

There will likely be fees for transferring, under your current mortgage contract. It’s important to make sure the transfer is actually going to pay off; your broker will make sure it’s the right move for you. 

The perfect house deserves the perfect insurance

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Mortgage renewal: why use a broker?
Our advices for mortgage renewal

Because the perfect home needs the perfect insurance.