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Self-employed workers

Contact your mortgage broker for all options.

Know that if you’re self-employed, Multi-Prêts is up to the task of finding you the right mortgage.

We don’t frown upon self-employed workers. In fact, we see this as an opportunity to influence our financial partners into offering mortgages better adapted to your reality.

We all know that these days, being self-employed is no longer unique. Alas, what’s important is your financial history, the type of work you do, how you get paid and so on. Talk to a Multi-Prêts broker! You’ll find yourself an ally that understands your realities and above all, can negotiate a mortgage that fits your needs.

Self-employment: The specifics

Do the following describe you? Good. We’re in business.

We define a self-employed worker as someone who:

Six important factors for your mortgage

We tell it like it is to help you prepare to be approved.