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Don't think twice, just go see Antoine Feghali! Excellent service, very professional and makes it all looks so easy! Great spirit too :) thank you for all your help!

Elona Khoriaty

Thank you Fouad for your wonderful and professional service. I really appreciate that my file was handled so efficiently and rapidly.

Kim Davis

Working with Danielle was an amazing experience. She goes beyond her clients need. She did not only got our mortgage approval, she negotiated an amazing tax rate much much below lower that we expected. We have no doubts to recommend her and her services, if you are looking to buy your next property, she is the right person to help you with your financial approval process.

Miguel Espinados Dorantes

Professionalism and excellent service. Highly recommended.

Joseph Oujeil

Excellent service—courteous, professional and attentive to our needs. In addition, we obtained an exceptional rate. Thank you!

P. Bélair

Exceptional service, a generous woman who tailors to your needs, you will be in good hands with Chantal Meessen!

Raphaëlle Paquette

M.Feghali, Antoine is a professional hard worker, great listener, good leader, his advices are based on the market and of what you need, i recommanded him very strongly. Antoine helped us to get a wonderful deal from the Bank, also he helped us as a leader to find the right person as the real state agent, the inspector, the notary... thank you M. Feghali for making our dream come true.

Peter Jamous

Very competent, a great ressource of information, trustworthy and honest, easy to deal with and supported by an excellent team, Antoine will treat you as a family member and never as a walk in customer. We received an exceptional service and got the best rate in the market allowing us to buy the home of our dreams ! We are very fortunate to work with Antoine. Highly recommended!

Claire Ghaoui Moukarzel

I have never seen a counselor be so honest and frank. Thank you!

G. Jobin

Best service and fast feedback.100 % you ll get your loan with Antoine.

Tony Al Helou

Hi, just a quick work on Chantal who is my mortgage broker. She is such a dedicated worker, she loves her job and it shows, I adore her and I never regretted my decision. Chantal not only takes the time to answer all my questions but going beyond expectations, she was an unquantifiable resource for my project, I recommend her fully and without hesitation. A big thank you Chantal, for your advice, your patience and especially your comprehension and empathy. You helped me throughout the process and I`m immensely grateful. We will see each other again, I`m sure of it. Thank you from both of us.

Nathalie Pariseau

We have recently closed a mortgage transaction, it was one of the most satisfying transactions we’ve been through in a long time, and more importantly, it happened right in the middle of an uncertain and unprecedented time. The secret to this result is the unrelenting work ethnic, commitment to serve, going the extra mile and fight for the best possible deal for the clients. This is what we’ve got because Mrs Pritchard is our mortgage broker. In this fast changing time and fierce online and in-house brokerage competition, we’ve found a rare shining light through the traditional mean with Mrs Pritchard in the sea of noises and promises. We’re glad we have kept our trust in her, despite very tempting offers from competitors. Thank you again Mrs Pritchard for your hard work providing countless advises and follow-ups. We really appreciate your efforts in giving us the best service and getting us the best possible outcome for this transaction.

Vien Khe Tran

I have been working with the team for a few time now and I have to say the service and the team spirit is amazing! I recommend anyone wanted to get the best deal out there.

Aaron Esteban

Karine Haché is extremely professional and very personable to deal with. She is passionate about what she does, and quick to reply with answers whenever you have a question.

Éric Marquis

I was working with Valerie Lepine and I am very happy with her work.

Marcin Soja

Victor Hugo Pereira provides a courteous and fast service. He is really excellent. I have done business with him twice for my mortgages. Bravo!

P. Guy

I appreciated the service we received. The tips are very relevant for new buyers. We have done business twice with Mr. Pereira and, without hesitation, we recommend him to our family and friends.

J. Mazzotta

I have dealt with Ms. Christine Pritchard concerning my Mortage loan and credit approval. Christine has been phenomenal. She has been expediant, helpful, knowledgeable, sociable yet most of all reliable. She returns calls and answers questions professionally and quickly. She knows the Multi-Pret brand and delivers impeccable service!! I would recommend all my family, friends and colleagues to deal with Christine if ever they want to buy a home or do renovations. Buying a home can be a stressful experience, yet Christine, makes you feel relaxed, answers any uncertainty and makes you feel like a proud homeowner.

Kimberley Meehan & David Nobrega

Professional, quick and attentive team. As a first time home buyer, I had many questions and insecurities about the various mortgage options and rates. Antoine always took the time to listen and respond to them. It was also a rush file to process and submit before the rates go up and they pulled it off without a hitch. Thank you again Antoine, to you and your team, for making this happen. Your professionalism, patience and speed of responsiveness made it easy to trust you with finalizing this milestone.

Rita Barbour

I would just like to take a moment to say "thank you" to Mrs,Christine Pritchard for her outstanding work and attention she has given us while we were purchasing our home. It is the second time that I deal with Multi-Prêts and both times I was served by Mrs.Pritchard. She has always been very professional and very dedicated as to asure that we get the best deal for our mortgage. Once again I would like to say thank you and I would highly recommend Mrs.Pritchard to anyone who would ask me for a mortgage broker.

Robert and Linda Fallavollita

I just wanted to let you know the great work I received from Mr Perreault. He was extremely quick getting everything done in a timely manner. He gave me all the information I needed in order to get my mortgage re-done and getting me an extremely good rate. If you want a mortgage broker that will take good care of you from beginning to end then go see Jimmy. The decision is very easy. Call him and he will get with you quickly. Great Job Jim!

Rob Sebestyen

Bahaa provided us with professional service, she explained all details, always available and on time.

Rita Nissan

Excellent service provided by Antoine. He did a lot for us, I truly recommend him. Thank you!

Eve Belanger

M.Feghali, Antoine is a professional hard worker, great listener, good leader, his advices are based on the market and of what you need, i recommanded him very strongly. Antoine helped us to get a wonderful deal from the Bank, also he helped us as a leader to find the right person as the real state agent, the inspector, the notary... thank you M. Feghali for making our dream come true.

Peter Jamous

I am writing this short email just to acknowledge the wonderful job done by Lamia Nourai in helping my husband and I with our mortgage. My husband called for an appointment and we were given one the same week. Once I sat with Lamia she was very informative and optimistic about helping us. Unlike my current bank she called me several times instead of just sending out emails, to give me updates and request documents needed. All in all I would definitely recommend Lamia to friends and family looking for mortgages.

Tracy Dixon and Robier Garcia

I am very satisfied and will be happy to recommend you to my family and friends.

R. Cadorette

Friendly approach and professional in providing the service. I highly recommend Mr Antoine Feghali as mortgage broker

Rita El Ghobi

Let me tell you, it has been a privilege to have your guidance and support all this time. You have made this process much easier to me. I am truly grateful and wish you a lot of success. Thank you so much.

Andres R.

We were driving around, not really sure if we were ready for a house, when we fell in love with one. We immediately called the agent to see if he could show us around. We filled out the prequalification request while waiting for him ... in the car !!!


Bonjour Madame Lisa, I am sorry for the late response because we have been busy moving to the new house. We have a hard work but we are feeling happy with the new house. You have helped us to complete the loan as well as adviced us on this matter. I am sure that any clients who work with you will have the same feeling as we have. On behalf of my wife, we would like to thank you very much for your help and cooperation. I will keep your contact for future cooperation. We wish you a Merry Christmas Time. Thank you.

Thi Phuc DO Huy Hung UONG

Very professional broker, excellent service and always smiling, M. Feghali, you’re the best. Thank You

Fadi Tay

We started looking at mortgages without really knowing what to look for or what to expect. Mr Rioux was very patient with us and answered all our questions very well. He also got us a great rate! We highly recommend him!

Peter Lapointe

I've worked with Karine in the past and she is exemplary of outstanding client experience. Detail oriented and sensitive to all of her client's needs, she goes above & beyond to offer them the best advice and best service possible. Keep up the great work!

Amir Nadimi

Excellent service provided by Antoine. He did a lot for us, I truly recommend him. Thank you!

Eve Belanger

I do appreciate all your effort Aline and I thank you for your service. I also will refer your services to my friend

Ebrahim Ruzitlab

Thank you for all your wonderful help during the process and for finding and arranging a fantastic mortgage deal. Everything went well with the notary and we have completed the purchase!

Ian and Kate

Very efficient, worked hard to get us the best rate possible. Very professional and passionate

Danielle Shanks 

Hello Mr. St-Vincent, We simply wanted to say thank you for your diligent work in the last few days. We know it was not easy considering the short timeframe. We certainly won't hesitate to recommend you and Multi-Prets to anyone who asks in the future. All the best

Verity and Viktor

Hard to find a professional with such a big heart.

Roy Abinassif

A personalized experience, a great listener, precious advice, delivered way above my expectations… what more can I say, a big thank you!

Chantale Bilodeau

Thanks to your professionalism, we have avoided very big financial problems. We are very happy to have used your services.

Mr. Larin

I want to tell you that I appreciate receiving news from your team. You are committed to keeping in touch with your customers and I assure you that you are doing the right thing. I am a client who is very satisfied with your professionalism.

E. Girard

When we were buying our fabulous condo, there were 3 couples vying for it and making offers. Knowing that we’d all have to go through a bank, it reassured us that we knew we had the means to buy it.


Thank you for all of your hard work in helping us realize our project. We truly appreciate the professional and courteous service given by you and your team every step of the way.

Isabella Paiva

Martin is very dedicated in helping his customers and getting the best possible results.

Stéphane Lebeau

Amazing ! Extremely helpful and effective mortgage broker. Fast and professional. Could not have asked for a better broker. Thanks Jim.

Veronique Girard

For the fourth time, I have been well-advised. I am satisfied. A big thank you.

H. Champagne

Lot of experience and knowledge .Mr feghali is always there to help you with everything related to your mortgage even if uts not his field he would ask somebody and come back with an answer and a lot of helpfull tips... Great team work ... Thank you for your professional advices and keep on the good staff

Grace Kh

We found the home of our dreams but we didn’t know if we could afford to buy it. We were able to find out before we went to visit it, in just a few minutes


I was very satisfied with Mr. Pereira’s services. He is very professional and explains the facts in a language that we can understand.

E. Pacheco