As the happiest nation on the planet, the Danes undoubtedly hold the secret to happiness and here is the big secret: hygge. It’s the fast growing Danish phenomenon that is taking over Europe and North America. Hygge and happiness go hand-in-hand. It’s a real lifestyle anchored in Danish culture, inspiring practitioners to become more Zen inside and out. That includes the decor in your home as well.

So exactly what is Hygge?

Hygge is a word derived from the Norwegian language that first appeared in the late18th century. The term hygge is often used to describe cocooning and being cozy, two words that best explain the conceptual phenomenon. That said, when one talks about cocooning or being cosy in the context of Hygge, it’s all about spending time with others. So what better occasion than the holiday season (a special time spent with family and friends) to bring a little Hygge into your life. 
Most people agree on the pronunciation as “hue-gah”

Hygge and temperature

Kinda like love, the essence of Hygge not only aims to warm the feeling and mood in your home, but heat up your relationships as well. By making ordinary every day moments more special, hygge allows you to focus and enjoy the good things in life with good people  particularly during the long dark months of winter. No surprise, as the southernmost of Nordic countries… when it comes to long and dark winters, Danes are subject matter experts.

Put simply, to be hygge is to spend the evening on the sofa surrounded by loved ones, blankets, cushions, music in the background and a warm coffee in hand. To be hygge is cooking comfort foods like a hearty stew, drinking red wine by candlelight with friends. Hygge is moving to a specific rhythm to life, an inner cadence of the soul. Hygge is being “cozy”, “sharing”, and enjoying the “simple pleasures” of life. Incorporate all the above into your lifestyle and you are definitely 100% hygge!

How to make your home decor hygge?

Québec winters are long and rigorous, so having your home hygge is great for maintaining a happy mind and soul all year round. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that Scandinavian style and decor is one of the hottest trends of late.

Start by adding soft light to your home by installing fixtures that will diffuse light. Also, try to paint the walls in a light color. Hygge is all about being natural. So, whether it be floors or furniture, take the time to reconnect with wood in its natural state and wonder. Add some candles, inviting carpets, a couple sofa throws, linens, and voila… your decor will be totally hygge. A gentle and kinder winter awaits!

Keys takeaways

  • Hygge is a Scandinavian trend centered on cocooning and growing relationships with others.
  • Hygge is the embodiment of a simple and warm lifestyle… like get-togethers with family, sitting in front of a fireplace with friends, candles burning softly in the backdrop, the soft vibe of natural woods and enjoying great comfort food.