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Did You Know

  1. Cohabitation agreements for unmarried people

    by Multi-Prêts Mortgages What you’ll learn Common-law union The purpose of a cohabitation agreement The shape of the document Common-law union Two unmarried people become common-law spouses when they share the same roof for over a year, or from the moment they have a child together. Regardless of the length and stability of their relationship, […]

  2. Multi-Prêts Mortgages Academy: How our mortgage brokers stay informed and qualified

    by Denis Doucet What you’ll learn What is the Multi-Prêts Mortgages Academy? List of training sessions offered by the academy Do you have what it takes to start a career at Multi-Prêts? When you work with a Multi-Prêts mortgage broker, you are dealing with a highly competent professional that knows everything about the real estate […]

  3. How to teach your children financial literacy

    In collaboration with the Introducing your children to financial literacy is one of the best gifts you can give them. With a solid foundation in money management, they’ll find it easier to handle their finances as adults and avoid the pitfalls of too much debt. The sooner the better You don’t have to wait until […]

  4. The impact of the succession on heirs

    In this article Accepting or refusing a succession The role of the liquidator If the deceased owned property Succession and tax The loss of a loved one can be a very difficult period. In addition to grieving, you have to make a number of decisions that may have a significant impact on both your loved […]

  5. The economic repercussions of divorce

    by Multi-Prêts Mortgages What you’ll learn Liquidating the family patrimony Liquidation according to the matrimonial regime: Under the matrimonial regime of a partnership of acquests Liquidation under the matrimonial regime of separation of property The economic repercussions of divorce A separation brings about very personal repercussions for couples. And yet, the courts mostly hear cases […]

  6. Protecting yourself against identity theft

    by Multi-Prêts Mortgages What you’ll learn Identity theft occurs when your personal information is used for criminal purposes. Generally speaking, this usually refers to theft and fraud.  Criminals use many schemes, ranging from simple to sophisticated, in order to carry out their wrongdoings. Fraud can tarnish your credit history and cost you a lot of money. […]

  7. Back to school without breaking the bank

    by Multi-Prêts Mortgages What you’ll learn Getting ready Taking inventory Teaming up to save According to Statistics Canada, back-to-school expenses exceed $700 per child. Thankfully, there are ways to reduce that outrageous amount. Here are a few tips to bring down your bill. Drawing up a shopping list Shopping without a list is a sure-fire […]

  8. Why property owners should watch out for legal hypothecs

    by Multi-Prêts Mortgages What you’ll learn Types of legal hypothecs Consequences for the owner How to protect yourself against a legal hypothec Most people are familiar with real estate mortgages, even if they aren’t homeowners. For many, securing a mortgage is an essential step to owning property. But did you know there are many types […]

  9. What type of investment is right for you?

    by Multi-Prêts Mortgages What you’ll learn What type of investment is right for you? RRSPs, perfect for planning your retirement The Fonds de solidarité FTQ, ideal for paying less tax The LLP, help for going back to school RESPs, investing in your children’s future Ethical investing, values-based investing The days of hiding your savings under […]

  10. A financial advisor: your best ally for your finances

    by Multi-Prêts Mortgages What you’ll learn What makes a good financial advisor? Training and accreditation When’s the best time to hire a financial advisor? What should you ask at the first meeting? How are advisors paid? Numbers aren’t your thing, but you’re hoping to have a cushy retirement? Do you want to save for your […]