by Denis Doucet

What you’ll learn

  • What is the Multi-Prêts Mortgages Academy?
  • List of training sessions offered by the academy
  • Do you have what it takes to start a career at Multi-Prêts?

When you work with a Multi-Prêts mortgage broker, you are dealing with a highly competent professional that knows everything about the real estate industry. Thanks to the Multi-Prêts Mortgages Academy and its many training sessions, your mortgage broker can give you sound advice—even in the most complex situations, such as self-employed workers, newcomers to Canada, or people who have a difficulty obtaining credit

Established in January 2014, Multi-Prêts Academy is a specialized training center for mortgage brokering. It supports and trains Multi-Prêts mortgage brokers. The academy’s numerous training programs enable our brokers to, among other things, renew their licenses and titles as certified mortgage brokers.

An exclusive and rigorous training

All of our training programs are offered exclusively to our mortgage brokers and strictly adhere to current standards and laws. This means you’ll always benefit from getting the most precise, clear and up-to-date information on mortgages and real estate.

Multi-Prêts has an impressive list of courses that our brokers can take, including:

  • Basic training for new mortgage brokers
  • Training accredited by the OACIQ for renewing the required licenses to become a broker
  • Training accredited by Mortgage Professionals Canada to renew brokers’ titles as certified mortgage brokers (CMB)
  • Management courses, which are a part of our academy’s coaching component and offered to team leaders
  • PG12 and Elite courses for seasoned mortgage brokers looking to improve their performance
  • An accelerated induction program for mortgage brokers that come from other agencies and want to work at Multi-Prêts
  • Other general and specialized courses (for example via coaching sessions) that are relevant for the day-to-day work of a mortgage broker

The length of the programs is variable, based on brokers’ needs and current norms. Some training sessions can last two hours, while other are carried out over six months. We always ensure that our mortgage brokers get the right training adapted to their needs, career path and professional situation.

Would you make a good mortgage broker?

Would you like to become a mortgage broker and work in a fast-growing industry?  Do you have the required permit?  Do you have a burning desire to succeed and start your own business?  Are you read to negotiate on your clients’ behalf with different financial institutions?  Do you want to help your clients get the very best product with the very best conditions?

If you have the profile we’re looking for we’d be happy to consider your application!  Do you think anything is possible?  Are you confident in your skills and abilities? Apply today!

Key takeaways


  • Multi-Prêts Mortgages Academy offers a wide array of exclusive and rigorous training sessions for Multi-Prêts mortgage brokers.
  • The academy enables brokers to renew their licenses and permits.
  • To become a mortgage broker, you need a permit, the desire to succeed and an entrepreneurial spirit.