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Poor Credit History

Are you looking for a mortgage, but your credit history isn’t perfect? It may still be possible to get a loan.

Trust a Multi-Prêts Mortgages broker to help you rebuild your credit and become a homeowner!

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Contact your mortgage broker for all options.

We’ve seen all kinds of credit problems. Don’t stress out!

Do any of the following apply to you? 

Don’t fret! There are still folks in this world willing to help. Multi-Prêts works with organizations that lend to individuals who have difficulty securing a loan.

Has your bank turned you down?

Lenders need to know the risk they are taking when lending money. Sure,a higher risk client may be charged a higher interest rate.

When the banks are not interested in lending you money, try a Multi-Prêts broker; we can find lenders that offer higher risk loans.

This is how we can help

Custom solutions

Your Multi-Prêts broker can prepare a customized proposal for your situation with a financial institution best suited to you.

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CMHC option

You have less than 20% down payment? You’ll need a CMHC-insured mortgage.

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Credit rating

Your Multi-Prêts broker can guide you along the road to a healthy credit rating.

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Get your perfect mortgage remotely

Your credit is key.

Take advantage of the best rates and conditions.

Why is it important?