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How often should you check the condition of heating and cooling system? Are there any grants available to re-do your balconies? Do you need a permit to do renovations? We’re here to help.

  1. How to effectively prepare your home before winter hits

    by Nathalie Champoux What you’ll learn What you can do in and around your house to prepare before winter arrives? Here’s your maintenance checklist this fall to ensure your homestead is ready for winter Have you checked your roof? Winter is coming! To ensure your home withstands winter’s bite, make sure you’ve gone through your checklist […]

  2. How to properly care for your lawn

    A beautiful lawn requires lots of care, time, and maintenance. Here are a few guidelines to help ensure your grass is greener than your neighbour’s. In this article Mowing your lawn properly Watering your lawn Aerating the soil The benefits of fertilizing Mowing your lawn properly Regular mowing promotes a healthy lawn that tolerates hot […]

  3. How to find the right building contractor

    by Multi-Prêts Mortgages What you’ll learn Research and call for submissions Are they in good standing? Questions you need to ask When you don’t have much experience, finding a good building contractor to work on your home is no easy task. In order to hedge against unpleasant surprises, here are a few important things to […]

  4. Eco-friendly tips & tricks for spring cleaning

    by Multi-Prêts Mortgages What you’ll learn Disinfectant recipe Windows and the barbecue grill Getting rid of junk The sun smiles down upon us longer and longer each day and the weather’s heating up, which means it’s time for the famous spring clean! In fact, if you want to put your house up for sale, it’s […]

  5. Protecting your home from burglars

    In this article Reinforce your doors and windows Technology to the rescue Be discreet  Have your valuables engraved In addition to causing stress and anxiety, a burglary can result in the loss of valuable items and mementos, such as jewellery inherited from a relative. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to enhance […]

  6. How to improve the air quality in your home

    In this article Why is good air quality important? Five ways to improve indoor air quality Bring in help if you need to   Your home is more than a peaceful haven; it’s also the place where you spend most of your time. But did you know that pollutants such as mould and dust can affect […]

  7. Supplemental heat in winter: stoves and fireplaces

    by Multi-Prêts Mortgages What you’ll learn Solid fuel Pellets Gas and propane When our rough winters decide to show what they’re made of, supplemental heating from a stove or fireplace is always welcome. If you want to add a little comfort and warmth to cold winter nights, or try to make up for some of […]

  8. Different generations, different mortgages

    In this article: Simon: A young professional looking to buy his first property Fabienne and Normand: Realizing a long-time dream Andrée and Roger: Securing the means for urgent repairs A solution to suit your situation Most home buyers take out a mortgage when they purchase a property. However, mortgage needs aren’t necessarily the same for […]

  9. Christmas trees: how to choose and decorate them

    by Multi-Prêts Mortgages What you’ll learn Will you choose a natural or an artificial tree? Which decorating trend will you choose for your tree? How to decorate without compromising your fireplace’s safety.   Choosing a tree: artificial or natural? Natural and artificial trees each have their advantages; the choice really comes down to your needs […]

  10. Snow removal: Shovel, carport, snowblower, or snowplow?

    Love it or hate it, snow is a fundamental aspect of winter in Quebec. In addition to covering the ground like a beautiful white blanket, it allows us to enjoy a whole host of outdoor activities. However, too much snow can make it difficult to access your property. Fortunately, when it comes to snow removal, […]