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B2B Bank

Although a relative new comer, B2B Bank has been able to carve out an enviable position in the mortgage market by forging strong alliances with mortgage consultants, brokers and financial institutions across the country. B2B Bank has a unique service model that focuses on the three things that matter most to mortgage brokers: access to a full range of mortgage solutions, a broad spectrum of credit eligibility criteria and options for traditional and non-traditional borrowers. In this highly competitive market, every advantage counts!

Established in 2012, B2B Bank offers its services to a network of more than 27,000 financial professionals.

Advantages of B2B Bank

Obtaining a mortgage with B2B Bank

Multi-Prêts brokers offer B2B Bank’s products in addition to multiple other mortgage products. To find out if B2B Bank products are suitable in your situation, contact a broker.