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Debt Consolidation

Get a handle on your debts by financing!

Consolidating your debts

Struggling to make ends meet every month. Can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel? Your financial institution is reaping the profits of your interest payments and likely don’t want to make it easier on you. Give us the chance to show you!

Top 3 reasons to consolidate your debts

Borrow up to 80% of the value of your property

Having equity in your home means you can borrow money at very low interest rates.

If you own an income property (five or more units), you can borrow up to 85% of the property’s market value. Use our tools to calculate how this could help you improve your financial situation!

The benefits of debt consolidation

Put some breathing room in your budget

The more your debts and payments multiply, the more complicated managing your finances becomes. When you consolidate your debts in a mortgage, you can pay back quicker by paying less interest, thanks to lower rates. 

Debt consolidation is an efficient option to get out the debt sprial and begin to breathe again. 

Stop your credit rating from deteriorating further

When you lose control over your debt payments, it hurts your credit rating. You can reverse the situation by taking advantage of a low interest rate on your mortgage!

This is a solution that should only be used in dire situations; while it will help control your debts, it won’t make them disappear. Repayment will simply be spread over a longer period of time in order to help you make your monthly payments.

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Refinancing: How much can I save?

Situation before consolidation

  Rate Balance Term Payment / Month
Car loan 12% $10,000 10 yrs $350,00
Personal loan 15% $5,000 5 yrs $400,00
Mortgage 15% $200,000 20 yrs $1052,04


Situation after consolidation

  Rate Balance Term Payment / Month
Refinancing 4% $215,000 25 yrs $1,130.94


How much can i save?

Everything about credit rating

Your credit is key.

Our rates

Take advantage of the best rates and conditions.

Debt ratio

Why is it important?

Here’s all the help you need to refinance!