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Not sure how to put together a down payment? Want to buy a second property? How can you leverage your home equity to pay for your children's post-secondary education? Dare to dream. You'll find your answers here.

boat on a lake Get the right advice from your broker today to help you reach your life goals tomorrow! October 26 2016 | by Denis Doucet Do you have a busy life and even busier list of life goals to achieve? To reach the many other projects in your life, there’s no doubt you are going to need money to make that happen. Whether you are going to need a little, a lot, today, tomorrow or in two years  a mortgage broker is in a great position to help you every step of the way with clear and simple advice throughout the planning process. And it’s free! From using tools, calculators and other resources to tailor and educate you on what you can afford, and the options you can use, your broker is there to help make your dreams a reality. You’ll have to agree… that’s an offer tough to refuse. couple looking at a renovation plan Borrowing more to renovate your home September 30 2016 | by Denis Doucet Buying a home is often synonymous with renovations. When you have major renovations to carry out, several financing options are available, including using your credit card, getting a personal loan, or tacking on an amount on your mortgage. man writting What’s your borrowing capacity? September 28 2016 | by Denis Doucet As we begin our browsing of properties, we are confronted with the question “How much can I afford?”. The question of individual borrowing capacity merits attention and, thankfully, there are simple ways to estimate it. open sign Variable rate mortgages: For who and why? September 28 2016 | by Denis Doucet Why would someone choose a variable rate mortgage when, upon initial consideration, a fixed rate mortgage is more cost-effective? Find out the advantages of variable rate mortgages in this article! couple cutting vegetables in a kitchen Does it make sense to still pay off a mortgage over 50? September 1 2016 | by Denis Doucet Paying off a mortgage after 50 years old is more common than you think. Contrary to what you might believe, this is often relevant and justified. Two hands representing choices for mortgages: one holding a green apple, the other a donut with pink icing. How to choose your mortgage term August 23 2016 | by Denis Doucet A mortgage term is the length of a loan after which you need to renew the clauses in your agreement if you haven’t paid off the balance. A mortgage term can be short, long or very long—and its length greatly influences the mortgage rate. You must select a term based on your tolerance for risk and your concrete objectives. man and bowtie Mortgage brokers: your best bet when renewing your mortgage August 1 2016 | by Denis Doucet Is the end of your mortgage term on the horizon? Mortgage brokers can help you find the right mortgage for your needs. Here’s how they can help. tiny house Tiny house, tiny mortgage! August 1 2016 | by Denis Doucet After having conquered the hearts of Americans that are looking to reduce their debt ratios, the tiny house phenomenon is now expanding across Canada. After all, a tiny house means a tiny investment—and a tiny mortgage! Affordable and eco-friendly, a tiny home can be a great secondary residence or a place where a parent can stay. However, not all municipalities accept this type of home. couple with pregnant women Renew or Refinance. The first rate is not always the best! July 20 2016 | by Denis Doucet For most of us, renewing a mortgage is little more than a formality. Your lender will send you a letter offering you a variety of mortgage options, terms and types, asking you to sign on the dotted line. Why complicate your life… right? Big mistake! rowing It pays to pay down your mortgage faster July 20 2016 | by Denis Doucet The future belongs to those who never rest on their laurels. By fully understanding the features and benefits of your mortgage at renewal, you could save big at renewal time!