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Did You Know

  1. Father’s Day Gift Guide

    by Multi-Prêts Mortgages June is synonymous with the start of summer, sunbathing and BBQs. You can’t forget, however, that the third Sunday of the month is dedicated to celebrating the dads that surround us. Looking to treat your dad to a gift that’s sure to make him happy? Surprise him with one of our picks! […]

  2. Understanding estate liquidation

    by Multi-Prêts Mortgages What you’ll learn Who is the estate liquidator? What are the liquidator’s obligations? What are the steps of a liquidation? Who is the estate liquidator? The liquidator is the person who is in charge of handling the estate of someone who dies. Often, the will holds a clause naming the liquidator. In […]

  3. What’s the purpose of a declaration of family residence?

    by Multi-Prêts Mortgages What you’ll learn Its purpose What can be considered a family residence How to register the declaration You rarely get married thinking you have to protect yourself from your significant other’s potentially harmful decisions. Nonetheless, since it’s better to be safe than sorry, here’s what you need to know about the declaration […]

  4. Mother’s Day Gift Guide

    by Multi-Prêts Mortgages What you’ll learn Small gestures Gifts to be enjoyed later Something homemade  A big surprise Mother’s Day is the perfect occasion to celebrate the moms around us. We want to spoil them and make them happy … which is why we’ve put together this list of gift ideas that are sure to […]

  5. The protection mandate: aligning dignity and vulnerability

    by Multi-Prêts Mortgages What you’ll learn The importance of planning ahead What is a protection mandate? Who is the Curateur public du Québec? What happens to an incapacitated person’s assets? Sometimes, in life, certain hazards are forced upon us, such as becoming incapacitated. It is, however, possible to plan for such outcomes. The importance of […]

  6. Wills: what you need to keep in mind

    by Multi-Prêts Mortgages What you’ll learn The types of wills The absence of a will Important elements to consider Quebec law does not require you to draw up a will. A will does provide a certain peace of mind, however, allowing your wishes to be upheld in your absence. To maintain what you worked for […]

  7. What is an RESP?

    by Multi-Prêts Mortgages What you’ll learn Definition of an RESP Government grants and tax breaks Individual, collective or family plan As the name says, the Registered Education Savings Plan is an investment program allowing the subscriber to set money aside so that a beneficiary can eventually use it to help pay for post-secondary studies. It […]

  8. What makes a good debt?

    by Multi-Prêts Mortgages What you’ll learn Canadian household debt is often in the news these days, and it’s almost always negative. When you hear Statistics Canada reveal that in the first trimester of 2017, the debt ratio was at 166.9%, it is indeed hard to consider it good news. This means that for every dollar […]

  9. Life insurance: do you need it?

    by Multi-Prêts Mortgages What you’ll learn Term or permanent insurance Is it for you? Deciding to get insurance Before shopping for life insurance, you must ask yourself the following question: do you really need it? Remember that its purpose is to offer financial protection to one or many beneficiaries in the event of your death. […]

  10. The sharing economy

    by Multi-Prêts Mortgages What you’ll learn What is the sharing economy? Advantages for consumers Nuances to be made  The sharing economy is a concept that’s been a bit of a buzzword as of late. Uber and Airbnb immediately come to mind, but it goes far beyond that, and isn’t necessarily a new concept. There was […]