Buying a property: follow the guide!

May 7 2018 | by Denis Doucet Buying a home is one of the most important decisions you’ll make in your lifetime. Asking yourself the right questions to make the best decisions along your homeownership journey is key to maximizing your investment.
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How can you reconcile student debt and a mortgage?

September 28 2016 | by Denis Doucet Many millennials who are looking to get their first mortgages are also facing student loan repayments. How can you reconcile both? Is it better to pay off your student loans first before buying your first home? Or should you reduce your debt payments and start investing in your RRSPs?

Walk Score unveils the most walkable neighborhoods

September 28 2016 | by Multi-Prêts Hypothèques Founded in 2007 by Mike Mathieu and Matt Lerner, Walk Score evaluates the walkability of various properties and cities across the United States, Canada and Australia. The scores that are attributed prove to be exceptionally useful for people looking to live in areas where walkability, access to public transit, better commutes and proximity to services is key.

First home and financing: A quick starter guide

July 12 2016 | by Denis Doucet Before jumping into buying your first home, you should analyze certain aspects of your project, particularly regarding how much funds you have readily available. Here are some other important factors to take into consideration before becoming a property owner: obtaining a pre-authorized mortgage and credit checks.
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An accurate picture of first-time home buyers by CMHC

July 6 2016 | by Denis Doucet During spring 2015 in Canada, CMHC has conducted a survey with 788 first-time home buyers. We now show you the highlights that came to our attention.
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How to save for a down payment?

July 5 2016 | by Denis Doucet You wish to buy a house, but you are wondering how to save the thousand dollars you need for a down payment? Here’s some advice!